You have a tough job, but the reward for who you are educating is priceless

You have a job to do, and at times it gets tough. Thirty plus students and one of you. Underappreciated at times and your pay is questionable. However, your purpose is too valuable to downshift and let that bother you. You are relied on, looked up too and you are highly significant. Raize The Bar will give you the tools to make the day smooth and have your students work for you. 

Juan has experienced and seen first hand with his staff and teachers that the need for professional development is desired. Juan has sat with teachers and staff listening to their frustration from classroom issues to experiencing burn out before the year is close to ending. Juan's whole life he has heard of these frustrations being that his entire family is in education. Specifically, Juan's father was an educator for Los Angeles Unified School District for 30+ years, and from an early age, he heard of everyday frustrations. As Juan entered his own life experience in schools, he experienced the same feelings he listened to his whole life. Feeling like you are giving your all yet you feel like you are not hitting your mark, students disrupting the flow you created and classroom momentum comes to a halt. When the classroom's momentum declines so do the teachers, igniting frustration for the teacher and behavioral issues for the students. Believe it or not, most issues arise from the setup or the foundation of the teachers day. That could start from the teachers home or the moment the bell rings without the correct starting point. The way your staff starts the day is the foundation for the feel, interaction, and environment of the class.

I had no idea how the simplest things made such a huge difference in not only my day but my students day as well. #Harmony

Education Topics 

Topics can be designed for either Faculty and Students

Real Leaders Develop and Coach Other Leaders

How we start the day will dictate the rest of our day. The most straightforward tasks can set you up for success. Learn to use strategies you use in your classroom and implement them in your everyday morning routine before you leave home, igniting instant improvement in yourself that will carry over into the classroom. You will leave this training motivated to take on the day.

Do not work harder, but work smarter. Let your leadership work for you. Leaders lead from the front! This training is interchangeable - You will learn how to lead your staff, and your staff will learn to lead their students and students will learn to lead each other. One team, same goal, and a win-win mentality giving everyone victory. 

Classroom management is not a difficult thing to do, we over think and over complicate things. Together let's regain control of our classroom, take the helm, and get the plane back on the correct flight path as we use P.B.I.S. So then, we can put it on auto piolet to then utilize our time and effort in a more specific area with great purpose. 


Wake Up Sunshine! The Day Starts With YOU!

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The Benefits of Educator Training 


Leadership and Impact 

Real leaders help build up other leaders. It's about improving and building up abilities. As a staff, you will support and build up each other based on abilities growing on your weak points making them strong as you strengthen your strong points. When you master this, it will begin to pour into your students.


Improvement and  Growth

Staff will fall in love with why they do what they do. We need to be motivated and rekindle that love once again. Many educators forget the impact they have. A motivated staff is an engaged staff, and the benefits help the faculty and students which leads to growth. Learning is a journey, and your students will take the route alongside you, you just have to invite them. Let Raize The Bar help you initiate the first steps


Staff and Student Relationships

Educators know that when their students are in one accord with the teacher, there is harmony. With PD you will stand out and be ahead of the game making leaps of progress as standards are met and lessons mastered. Learn to understand your students as they learn to appreciate you. Seek first to understand is KEY. Allow Raize The Bar unlock your potential.

Are YOU ready to improve student lives...

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