If you feel like you have hit rock bottom or feel like your back is against the wall, GOOD! Then you have something to push back against.
Get ready for your COMEBACK!

We all have had those moments when we have a bad day, have no desire to be productive, or just a tough time getting started. We often let our feeling dictate our behavior which brings us way down. It silences our happiness, our will, and our desire even to try. Deep down we know what we are capable of and we know our worth, it's way more than our current state. So what do we do? 

As individuals, we all have those things we do to pump us up to get us going. We listen to music, watch movies or videos to get our blood pumping, eyes focused and mind right for the situation that lays itself before us. Self-motivation is the best kind of motivation because let's face it, you will always be around yourself and who knows you more than yourself. However, unless you have that discipline, you need assistance, a push if you will, to help you refocus and re-engage your willpower.


In business or the workplace, employers who keep their employees motivated will see a positive return from their workers. According to a Gallup poll, employees who keep motivated are engaged in their duties 3.6 times more than their counterparts. More and more employers are supporting their staff by saturating themselves and their workers in different types of motivation because it benefits both their personal side and their professional side. Managers become "Coach like" (Which is wanted by Millenials and Generation Z workers) building up their EQ which instills trust within their employees building better work relationships and work-ethic. In return, staffs respect grows when they see their boss wanting to grow with them, bringing comfort to staff paving the way for staff growth as well. The motivation of your staff brings focus and vision painting the picture of what the future holds for them. They open their eyes and see the purpose they serve cementing their reason for "why" they are needed and the "strengths" they bring every day to the workplace. Everyone is in need of a motivational overhaul to rewire their norm, so the "BAR" can be "RAIZED" bringing the Best out of everyone.

Self-reflection is so important. In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been. Once you KNOW you, you can GROW you!

The Benefits of a Motivational Talk 

When you introduce any form of motivation to employees or yourself, it has many benefits, but I will key in on four. It is what I call planting a S.E.E.D. To grow anything a seed must be planted, and to be more specific, if you want to bear fruit, you must plant a particular kind of seed.


When you bring in motivation you plant a S.E.E.D, you improve "Satisfaction" power "Efficiency" heighten "Engagement" and increase Employee/Personal "Development".

Whether it's for yourself or your employees,  when you began to reap what you have sown from all four of the benefits there's no arguing it is a win-win. 


Satisfaction and Effiecncy

When staff have a clear sense of purpose in the workplace and together you cast the vision for their next steps, employees will fuel their own drive and desire to reach newly set goals. They become satisfied with the workplace with heightened work efficiency.



Engagement is vital no matter in what field you work. You must engage with coworkers, customers or guests. Proper engagement feeds into your efficiency and satisfaction as well as a welcoming experience for the ones you are engaging. In doing so when it comes full circle you solidify employee retention and build a positive reputation all around.



If you or your staff are not continuously growing, then you will continually be stagnant without production. If you are not improving, you are slowly deteriorating.  I once heard it this way, If you are not purposely getting better than you may be accidentally getting worse. Development is a must to any one and any profession. This is where the value is built. A valuable person brings even more value to a company. Let's bring value to you and your group.

Are YOU ready for transformation...

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