Do you understand your purpose and value? It's worth knowing!

I once heard "How you do something is how you will do everything" and that couldn't be truer. That statement goes way deeper beneath the surface than you think. Self-Assessment and Goal Setting is the foundation and your first step to a better life.

Have you ever just felt stuck? Does work feel like a dead end, all your relationships feel stale, and you feel unhappy with yourself? I have been there; I felt like I couldn't get anywhere at work, unmotivated to do anything, only to come home and feel worthless. At least I had the gym, so I thought. My workouts became borning, and my weight/fitness was not where I wanted it.  I learned that my feelings were dictating self-worth and my decisions. I learned that in order to change my feelings I needed to change my behavior. Truthfully, it's not easy, but it is simple. Yes! You heard that correctly. Easy and simple are different. Learn to bring whats important to you back to life. Self-assessment and goal setting will be the wrecking ball to break your wall of doubt and failure. Rebuild the new you when you Raize The Bar.

92% of people fail their "new years resolutions," mainly because they do not know how to set goals correctly and because they experience small failures which lead to quitting. Make a simple choice and choose to be victorious, triumphant, and change your life today. Choose to Raize The Bar. Let's get it!

Personal Development Topics 


We will break down your life into smaller segments from what you do well, and what you feel you need work. You will learn how to break down your walls once you become honest with yourself. It's tough, but freedom waits for you on the other side. This is a part of your foundation for growth.

The Correct way of Goal Setting

Learn the correct way to set goals. We will walk through what you want in life and set goals to get you to where you want to be. Even if you already have goals, we will re-write them with a better focus and plan of action to guarantee success. From work to relationships, and from fitness to finances execute with reason and purpose.

Health and Fitness

Feel good, look good and live right. WRONG! Feel amazing, look great and live phenomenally is so much better. Learn everything you need to about how to eat correctly, live happier, and sleep better which all lead to a healthier lifestyle which in return will spill over into your work-ethic (believe it or not).

Three In One

The Benefits of Personal Coaching


Rebuild A Powerful Mind

 Your mind is a powerful thing and when you push yourself you not only open a new chapter in your life, but you began to break the old you while you build a renewed you. You will never know what you are capable of unless you push yourself. Learn to create a powerful thought process that will propel you to take on the things you couldn't before.


Chain Reaction of Benefits

Whether you're on coached on your health, finances, or on relationships, the benefits you will gain will roll into other aspects of your life. See multiple facets of your life reap the benefits of your recent improvement. Your loved ones will notice the changes you made.


Finding Purpose 

When you set goals and find your why you will become much more purposeful in your actions. You will purposefully begin to apply what you have learned to all the aspects of your life; from work to relationships to your finances. These tips and tricks can be used for more than you think when you Raize The Bar.

Are YOU ready for transformation...

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