When you value your value, your work becomes priceless.

The workplace can seem repetitive, and employees can become complacent. However, employees stay focused and will work willingly at a higher level knowing their employer cares by giving regular opportunities for growth and advancement in the way of training and professional development creating mastery, trust, and responsibility.

Day in and day out employees all over the world go to their jobs like clockwork doing roughly the same thing which causes redundancy. As the days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years, the average employee loses sight of their cause and diminishes their purpose. When enough staff loses their spark and their will to strive for something more significant the companies values and mission start to wash away because the team is decaying from the inside out. With Raize The Bar Juan will reestablish your company's standard focusing on a more significant output of your staff. Allow Juan to breathe life and purpose back into your team which has been lost over time. Let Juan motivate your team, tap into their talents, and bring them up to a higher work-ethic giving your company a return on your personal development investment.

"When I worked on me, my view of work completely turned around pushing me to work at a higher level. My goal was to bring more value to each hour of my work. Before I knew it, I was being promoted which brought a pay increase."  - Juan A.

Professional Development Topics 

Feed Communication and Starve Aggravation

It is said that there are over 12 different ways of communication yet in the workplace and in everyday relationships we all suffer from a lack of communication. You will learn which communication type is critical to the success of the team and how to understand others without confusion or frustration. Listening vs. Hearing and the differences

Team Work and Balance

A balanced worker is a stressfree worker and alongside others create a welcoming atmosphere. Understanding each others role and purpose builds momentum and focus. Coupled together will bring individuals to a team like atmosphere with great synergy.

Leadership, Am I doing it correctly?

Do not work harder, but work smarter. Let your leadership work for you. You will learn how to lead your staff, and your staff will learn to influence others. Learn to own your space and cross train, so you have a built-in insurance plan among your team. In just six simple steps you will learn to become a great leader.

The Benefits of PD Training 


Investing In Value

When employees confidently step into the workplace in sound mind and eagerly take on the day, it benefits everyone from top to bottom. Your most significant investment is your employee, so when you invest in them through professional development, the return becomes greater in the long run. Employee retention goes up, productivity and execution go up, and by default moral is through the roof.


Team Work

What is better than having all of your staff/admin or Organization motivated for a common goal. You will repel negativity and know how to problem solve with ease because of the synergy that will be built together. A staff that grows together and learns together becomes a winning team together. You heard there is no "I" in "Team" but if you don't have any "I's" you do not have a "team." You need I's or in this case people. When you work on "ME," you get a better "WE."


Leadership and Impact 

Every organization relies on their leaders. With PD your leaders will learn to embody coaching and mentoring. Organizations are transitioning from a "boss" like leadership to a "Mentor" like leadership. Lead with the "New Leadership" styles and stay ahead of the curve. Your group of leaders will perform on a grander scale because of their new found knowledge of leadership, personality styles and heighten your E.Q.

Are YOU ready for transformation...

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